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New Guests

A checklist for you ...

New Guests: FAQ

Submit & Update Annually

  • Client Agreement

  • Cat Purr-sonality Profile Form

  • In Case of Medical Emergency

  • Vaccine Release Form

Submit Required Forms

  • Forms will be emailed to you via SignNow, so please be sure to provide us a valid email address.

  • If you do not have an email address or have issues with any of the forms, we can provide them to you in person.

  • Forms are required to be received at least 7 days before Check-IN.

Provide Evidence of Required Vaccines

  • Know the required vaccines, listed on our Policies Page.

  • If vaccines can't be confirmed by your vet, we will be in touch to let you know. If your vet can't see your cat, we have vet recommendations we can provide. Vaccinations have to be up to date. No exceptions.

Before You Check-IN

  1. You've reviewed, understood, & agree to our Policies Page.

  2. Your cat's vaccines have been confirmed.

  3. You've signed & submitted all required forms via email.

  4. You are aware that your payment is due in full at Check-IN.

Lobby Hours

Monday through Friday 9am to 5:30pm

* we close from Noon to 1pm for lunch *

Saturday & Sunday only at 9am or 5pm

* by appointment *

For holidays listed on our Policies Page & our Prices & Services Page 

a $75 (+tax) non-refundable deposit is due at booking.

New Guests: Text
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