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Sleeping Kitten


CatCAM's are free to all families! We have them all throughout the resort.

The Monday before you Check-IN, you'll receive an email from the MeowMANOR with the instructions to access your CatCAM's.

** There's a lot of info below, please read it completely **

CatCAM's: Welcome

Cats are given cage-free playtime on a rotation.

No special requests can be made. The amount of time out cannot be promised and is based on how many cats we have boarded at the time. During the major holidays when we are full, even though we will try our best, we cannot promise free play every day. Please do NOT text or email us asking when your kitty will be coming out. This will result in a fee, mentioned below.

We do understand your desire to see your kitty. We do offer a $5/day text or email update, where we can let you know when your cat is out and about. If you are interested in this option, please let us know. Find out more about our Add-ON's by clicking HERE.

CatCAM's: Text

Hope you enjoy our new Pan Cameras in our FelineAPT's and MeowMANSION's


​To Install App

  1. Search for "Wyze" in Apple App Store or Android Play Store

  2. Download the Wyze App

  3. Set up your account with the email address we have on file

Accept Our Invitation

  1. On the day you Check-IN, we will send you an invite through the Wyze App, NOT an email. You will need to accept the invite ASAP after you receive it. 

  2. When you open the App & you don't see your invite, please call, text or email us ASAP so that we can confirm we sent the invite.

  3. Open the Wyze App & click "Account" on the bottom 

  4. On the top right, click on the Notification bubble 

  5. Click on "Device Sharing" & then "Accept" 

To View the CatCAM's

  1. Under "Devices" you'll see all the camera's you have access to

  2. Simply touch the name of the camera you want to view & BOOM, you're viewing!


The Wyze App requires Android 5.0+ & iOS 8.0+

The WyzeCam does NOT have a PC version

FAQ's can be found by clicking HERE

Cat with Wyze Cam
CatCAM's: About
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