New Clients Must ...

- Submit & Update Annually (located below)

  • Client Agreement

  • Cat Purr-sonality Profile Form

  • In Case of Medical Emergency

  • Vaccine Release Form


 - Provide Evidence of Required Vaccines -

- Ways to Submit Forms - 

  • Drop forms off during Lobby Hours or in mailbox before/after Lobby Hours

  • Save to computer, fill out, type name (digital signature), scan & email forms (see email below)

  • Request to fill out the forms at the MeowMANOR during a visit or Check-IN (with the exception of Vaccine Release Form) by emailing us (see email below)

Email :

Reservation Checklist

Lobby Hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5:30pm, we close from Noon to 1pm for lunch.

Saturday & Sunday are only at 9am or 5pm

For holidays listed on our Policies Page & our Rates Page a $75 (+tax) non-refundable deposit is due at booking.

We accept cash, checks, credit cards, apple pay & google wallet

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